Finding a Happy Ending

With my trip to the coast postponed, I needed to find a happy ending. I decided to work on some paintings that were started in the field but not quite finished. Sometimes they need a little, sometimes they need a lot. So, I look for a happy ending to the paintings.

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Back to the Lowcountry

Heading back to the Lowcountry. Never want to stay away too long. Time to get back home. I will be painting the southeastern coast for the next few weeks. Here is a little one. It is only 4×6 inches, but it holds a view of so much more.

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Lowcountry Lamentation

Featured Image

My first painting from a recent trip to Savannah is a moody one. The storm had just raged through and a few clouds were lagging behind. The ground was wet, and the fresh water smell on the salt marsh was distinct. The sun was still hiding behind the lingering clouds. “Lowcountry Lamentation, oil on canvas, 16×24, Michel McNinch

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Fort Pulaski National Monument

the chance to visit Fort Pulaski National Monument, it is well worth you time. The folks there were super nice and you can tell they are great caretakers. Lots of history and pristine landscape. Maybe I will see you there. Look for me; I’m the one with the easel! : )

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Questions for Mary

I have a list of questions for Mary that I never got to ask. A very important part of a painting practice is having a mentor you trust and will give you honest answers. Mary Gilkerson was that for me and countless others.

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Edisto Island Inspiration

Edisto Island, SC, Michel McNinch, artist, Stormwater Studios

Edisto Island was full of natural beauty. It is my pleasure to share a few photographs of inspiration and my current painting collection as it progresses. Michel McNinch, artist, Stormwater Studios. Take a look!

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