Thank you for being here.

Paintings have the power to transcend boundaries and unite strangers through a shared appreciation for the beauty of the earth.

My painting practice gives me an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and healing power of the natural world. Subjects vary, ranging from nature's serene landscapes to the small little animals I encounter along the way.

Oil paint is my preferred medium at this time.  There have been many years that watercolor and pastel were dominant in my work.  All the paintings are made with traditional, tried and true methods.  Experimenting is not out of the question, though.  Lately I have been playing with painting on gold and silver metal leaf.

My art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all who love the beauty of our natural world.


How do I share it?

My collectors over the years have provided me encouragement to continue to grow as an artist.  Here are just a few of the kindnesses over the many years I have been an artist.


When I was 12, Mrs. Darcy from next door, asked to see the drawings in my sketchbook.  She looked at each one carefully and thoughtfully.  That was so important to me.

“I am more than over the moon with our new portraits.  You have captured the very essence of each person.” A. Neal

“I love to linger over your paintings.” M. Hutchison


Gallery and studio visits are always encouraged.  I participate in two shows a year at Stormwater Studios and have an open working studio. Hours vary.  803-949-5952


I invite you to explore my art and my painting practice by subscribing to the growing community on this site.  I record my painting practices and share it with you directly right here and through email and social media.


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Sharing the pleasure of making art.

I have a successful history of sharing the pleasure of making art to a variety of  groups. I developed an art program at District Five's Alternative Academy where I taught at-risk middle and high school students. Midlands Technical College’s Continuing Education Program awarded me Adjunct Faculty of the Year.  The Caring Colors Program, sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association and the South Carolina Arts Commission, was a favorite project.

There are 20 students actively involved in my painting classes at Stormwater Studios.  The friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are perfect for the practice of painting.


Thank you very much.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for allowing me to introduce myself as a painter. Should you wish to know more about my work, I would be honored and delighted to hear from you.



Michel McNinch


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Have we met? – my art history

My very first memory is crawling next door to get their crayons.  The big ones.  Eight colors.   I wanted to touch them so bad.   It is a vivid memory.  


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