Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. Full of promise and new life. Also filled with art! Here in Columbia, we will start the season off with “Columbia Open Studios,” presented by 701 CCA. I know many of you are not in my area, but many of you are! Open Studios is such a great way to visit with the artists. When you come to Stormwater Studios you get to visit with 8 at one time – including moi!

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Stormwater Studios Wildlife Series

Welcome to my home studio. It has been a busy place this week. Two more paintings in my Stormwater Wildlife series have been completed.

This week found me working in my home studio. My Stormwater Studios Wildlife series is going great. I am inspired by all we have been doing on the grounds (i.e. pollinator garden and observation deck). To be in the middle of the city, it is so cool to have such a vibrant ecosystem.

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Finishing What I Started

"Flora," 12x12, oil on silver leaf - this little honey bee needed a few details. Now, she is ready for the world. Say hello to Flora.

Finishing what I started this week. The paintings laying around my studio that need final touches have my attention. They need to be finished so that my new work can have all my attention. Hope your week will be buzzing with creativity. I’ll be painting.

Thank you; I appreciate your being here.

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A Sister’s Stroll

Recently, my sister came and spent some time with me in my studio. She took many photos, and I asked her to share them with you. It was interesting to see Stormwater from someone else’s point of view. Situated smack dab in the middle of downtown Columbia, SC, it is a thriving little oasis. Take a look.

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A Lovely Luna Moth

An old high school friend sent me a specimen of a beautiful luna moth that had landed for the last time outside her door. What a lovely gift! I have enjoyed painting it on this beautiful copper surface.

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