McNinch Leather Goods

Robert McNinch, Leather goods

My sweet husband, Robert, is getting ready for his 2nd art show! He has been using his talents to make leather goods for 5 years now – ever since retirement. Time flies.

The big day is DEC 3 / 1-5pm

Robert’s booth will be at 1228 Shirley Street, Columbia SC. (803) 360-3144

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Getting the Paint to Tell the Story

Getting the paint to tell the story – round two.  The natural beauty of the sun coming up or going down always feels full of majesty.   At sunset the light rakes across the surface of the earth for a few more minutes teasing tomorrow with the most brilliant colors.  It will be back as promised calling you into today soon enough.  Here is a series of paintings of my many trips to Huntington Beach State Park – with an extra one as a hint of things to come with a Santee State Park series.

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Time Flies if You are Having Fun!

"Lake Wateree Oasis," 18x24, oil

Time has flown by this week. The Lake Wateree painting is completed and headed to the framer. My classes have paused for the summer; we finished up this week. And today – May 28, 2023 – Robert and I have been married for 40 years! We are celebrating by doing what we have always done – anything we want! : ) It is quite the indulgence. Here’s a look into the studio this week.

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