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Consistent blog posting took a hit; missed 3 weeks! My sincere apologies. My painting had me under its spell. This painting is one that has long been on my mind and in my “to be painted” file. I kept thinking it would be finished for the week’s blog post, but it wasn’t. But it is ready for you now…. “The Stitches we Know,” oil, 24x30 - Collection of the Artist The subject of the painting is my niece, Bek (a/k/a Rebekah). She was taking down her childhood room and is transitioning to her adult life. I found it poignant that her elementary days are represented and the family’s ancestral home is there as well with the picture of the widow’s walk. There are hints to her siblings and even the family’s favorite meal her Mama makes. The photo was taken as a message to me. She is holding up a granny square I crocheted for her (my stitches) while wearing a t-shirt with her “Stitch” on it. We know and think different things, but we share them with each other. So, as you can see this painting brings up many things to my heart and mind. But now dear viewer, I leave it to you. Please enjoy it however you wish. There is a video on my YouTube page that shows the process used to completed the painting. Please take a moment to view it. I have reached my first goal of 25 subscribers (no snickering!). My new goal is 100! Please share if you know anyone who would be interested in seeing the work. Insert link to YouTube Thank you for following my painting practice. It is my hope you will enjoy learning about art from a working artist’s perspective. Next up on the easel is my beloved Robert! Stay tuned. Also, completing this painting for an upcoming show. (Insert Vista Lights link.). Hashtags #Stormwaterstudios #Vistalights #holidayseason #Stitch #stitches #childhood #adulthood #oilpainting #michelmcninch #paintwhoyoulove #artlovers #paintinglovers #theviewer #figurativepainting

The Stitches We Know

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30, $3,500    

Morning Storm Approaches

Oil on canvas, 36×36, $3,300

Congaree River Rider

Oil on canvas, 24×36, $2,950
"Helios," 48x24, oil on canvas. Minor revisions gave this painting a little more drama. Am I finished? I'll look at it this week and decide.


Oil on canvas, 24×48, $1,900
"Blue Mesa Memory," 24x48, oil on canvas. This is the final painting. It has been in my studio on and off the easel for a long time. It is finally ready to sing it's song.

“Blue Mesa Memories”

18×36, oil on canvas, $1,800
"Spring Up," 12x12, oil on gold leaf. Original painting by Michel McNinch of Columbia, South Carolina.

“Spring Up”

Oil on gold leaf, 12×12, $400

Drift Away

  Oil, 8×10, $395  

On The Horizon

Oil on canvas, 11×14, $395

Go With The Flow

  Oil, 8×10, $395  

October Marsh

Oil, 8×10, $395

Eye to Eye

Oil on Gold Leaf, 12×12, $395

Causeway View

Oil, 8×10, $395

Along the Way

8×10, oil $395
Litchfield Beach, oil, 6x8 This little spot in the world gives spectacular color. I always get inspired to paint there.

Litchfield Beach

6×8, oil, $295
There is a little lake in front of Table Rock and a small little area to explore. It is one of the most beautiful places in the whole park. Drive across the street and look for the little paths that will bring you to the lake. Don’t forget your camera.

Table Rock

6×8, oil, $295

Solo Exhibition

Watercolor on Paper, 5.75 x 9, $250

Lake Murray – Off Shore Showers

Watercolor on Paper, 5.75 x 9, $250

A Touch of Fall at Billy Dreher Island

Oil, 5×7, $195 – this comes framed.

Harris Neck WMA

Oil, 5×7, $195
“Camping Island,” oil, 5X7 - Billy Dreher Island State Park. There is a surprise in this painting. The Park is actually the land mass in the very back. This was our view from our dock for 20 years. We camped on the island on the right, because the island on the left always had spiders. The things a painting can help you remember.

Camping Islands

oil, 5×7, $195 – this comes framed


Oil, 5×7, $195 – this comes framed.

On the Way

Oil, 5×7, $175 – this comes framed.

Little Oyster

Oil, 4×6, $150 – this comes framed.

Single Select

Oil, 5×7, $150 – this comes framed.