Michel McNinch

Going with the Flow

By Michel McNinch | September 3, 2022

Plein Air painting is so much fun.  This week’s paintings were painted at Lake Sheila in Saluda, North Carolina.   On that weekend, I painted mountain and sky each morning.  It was fun to see the local residents enjoying the water.  When I got home, I knew a paddle boarder would give just the right amount of interest and scale.  

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Deep Greens and Blues

By Michel McNinch | August 24, 2022

The large canvas in the corner had waited long enough. It is painted with beautiful shades of cobalt and manganese blue. Time to put it on the easel.

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A Lovely Luna Moth

By Michel McNinch | August 20, 2022

An old high school friend sent me a specimen of a beautiful luna moth that had landed for the last time outside her door. What a lovely gift! I have enjoyed painting it on this beautiful copper surface.

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Into the Great Wide Open

More Paintings from the Coast

By Michel McNinch | August 10, 2022

Two of my favorite places to paint are represented this week. Come and see. Both of this week’s paintings speak to me of quiet, calm beauty.  How about you?  Do they give you pause?

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Finding a Happy Ending

By Michel McNinch | July 30, 2022

With my trip to the coast postponed, I needed to find a happy ending. I decided to work on some paintings that were started in the field but not quite finished. Sometimes they need a little, sometimes they need a lot. So, I look for a happy ending to the paintings.

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New Jigsaw Puzzle

So….this happened.

By Michel McNinch | July 23, 2022

The Jasper Project is our local arts advocate. Cindi Boiter and her team have created a trusted source of support for the arts here in our community. I am so proud that they included me with this very kind article. I hope you will enjoy it. I’m blushing.

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Back to the Lowcountry

By Michel McNinch | July 14, 2022

Heading back to the Lowcountry. Never want to stay away too long. Time to get back home. I will be painting the southeastern coast for the next few weeks. Here is a little one. It is only 4×6 inches, but it holds a view of so much more.

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That’s How I Roll…

By Michel McNinch | July 8, 2022

Something exciting happened this week. The Vista Guild wrapped their van in my art! I can’t wait to see it rolling around the Vista area!

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Meet Ruby – Eastern Screech Owl

By Michel McNinch | July 2, 2022

Ruby is an Eastern Screech Owl who is an ambassador for Carolina Wildlife Center.

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Live Animals Inspire at Stormwater Studios.

By Michel McNinch | June 23, 2022

I had the pleasure of meeting some local live animals when Carolina Wildlife Center spoke at Stormwater Studios. An opportunity to see them up close was truly inspiring. So many oooohs and ahhhhhs as each guest made the stage.

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Floating in the Blue

By Michel McNinch | June 18, 2022

The blue sky paintings are coming along nicely. So very close to finished. They just need the tiny touches that finish a painting, but couldn’t bring my self to rush it. They need to dry. This is an advantage and disadvantage of painting in oils. These are images from my recent trip to Savannah, GA and Fort Pulaski National Monument.

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A Lovely Lowcountry Visit

By Michel McNinch | June 11, 2022

A quick trip to the Lowcountry had me dining in an old time seafood restaurant with treasured collectors, delivering a special painting to royalty, and feeling the love on the ocean. All very important to an active painting practice! Lucky me.

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