Michel McNinch

Show Time

By Michel McNinch | April 2, 2022

It has been a while since I prepared my studio for a show! I am framing, hanging, making title cards, rearranging, sweeping… Excited to have Stormwater Studios back in action. We are preparing for the 30th Annual Vista Lights, on April 22 and “Art Day” in the Vista on April 23. Many ways to enjoy the visual arts with these events. Show time! It’s gonna be fun y’all.

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Rites of Spring: Endurance An Art Exhibition shining light on the resilience and fortitude found within the human spirit. April 12 – 24. Stormwater Studios’ 10 resident artists present their annual spring exhibition. Friday April 22. Reception + Open Studios 5pm – 8pm. Meet the artists, ask questions and celebrate their work during the 30th Vista Guild’s Annual Art Crawl. Saturday, April 23. Art Day. Experience the arts: Artist demonstrations. Try your hand at gestural sketching, inspired by dancers moving slowly through space. Learn the art of creating a mandala and much more. Enliven your Saturday with art, music, food & beverage trucks along with other other family friendly activities . 10am – 3pm

The Green Green Grass of Home

By Michel McNinch | March 27, 2022

There has been a large painting on my easel, and it has been a joy to paint. “The Green Green Grass of Home.” This spot is where I am most connected to the earth. Do you have a spot where you are connected to the earth?

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Nature as Seen Through a Temperament

By Michel McNinch | March 19, 2022

The sunset on the dam at Lake Murray consoled me during lockdown. I would drive to the dam and paint whatever presented itself.

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An Invitation

By Michel McNinch | March 10, 2022

Spring time has arrived at Stormwater Studios. It is a great little respite in the middle of a hot, southern city.

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Spring Endurance

By Michel McNinch | March 6, 2022

Spring rains and sunshine on Lake Murray speaks to me of endurance. The earth keeps turning, the seasons keep coming.

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enjoy the process

Enjoy the Process

By Michel McNinch | February 27, 2022

Every artist has a process they enjoy the most. This is part of my process, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

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“Tell us why you paint…”

By Michel McNinch | February 19, 2022

I didn’t get those crayons in my neighbor’s closet, but Mama made sure I had something creative in my hands at all times.

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Challenge Accepted

By Michel McNinch | February 12, 2022

I participated in Mary Gilkerson’s painting challenge on her Art+Work+Living site. Here are paintings around new cues to create painting habits.

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Have we met? – my art history

By Michel McNinch | January 31, 2022

My very first memory is crawling next door to get their crayons.  The big ones.  Eight colors.   I wanted to touch them so bad.   It is a vivid memory.  

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My New Collection – Edisto Island, SC

By Michel McNinch | January 29, 2022

My new collection of paintings springs from Edisto Island, SC. Inspiration was everywhere-such a beautiful island! Full of sights, sounds and smells of the Lowcountry.

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Oyster Roasts and a Paint Brush

By Michel McNinch | January 23, 2022

I love to paint oysters. What are your oyster roast traditions?

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Morning Storm Approaches, oil, 36x36, Michel McNinch

Artistic Trade Secrets

By Michel McNinch | January 15, 2022

Sure am proud to be included in Columbia Metropolitan Magazine’s article, “Artistic Trade Secrets,” with Michael Story, Michel McNinch and Rob Shaw. (Jan 22)

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