Michel McNinch

A Painting Studio in Springtime

By Michel McNinch | May 13, 2023

Everything in my studio is reflecting this beautiful Spring. I have begun laying in the colors in my Lake Wateree landscape. My favorite paints were involved. Also, with all the beautiful Spring bouquets, it was time for a class demonstration on how to paint a glass vase filled with stems and water. Don’t forget to check in on Frida and Charlie – Spring has been exciting for them too!

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A view you don't see too often of the studio! The sink and supplies shelves. On the easel is a demonstration of how to look at a vase of flowers as you paint it. Now to fix that football of a lime and put in the flowers. This is an especially significant vase of flowers. It is one of the first bouquets from Stormwater Studios' new native butterfly garden. It is designed by the fabulous Karen Murphy! So lucky to have her on our team.

Transitions – Shifting Studio Productions

By Michel McNinch | May 4, 2023


The finishing of a good chapter means the next chapter is ready for you. My new chapter is so close; it is exciting to know that the work is changing and your heart and soul are ready.

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For Generations to Come

By Michel McNinch | April 22, 2023

I have been working on portraits of a family that loves one another. Mother and Daughter adore each other. Four generations of men smile as they play with the newest generation among them. These paintings exude their happiness to be in each other’s company. It was a pleasure to paint them. The generations to come will have their own art, but this generation can teach by example to enjoy, create, love, and collect the art that connects with us. Thank you for being here to witness my contribution this week.

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Welcome! Artista Vista 2023 - Art Day at Stormwater Studios

Artista Vista @ Stormwater Studios – A Good Time Had By All

By Michel McNinch | April 16, 2023

This year was the best yet. I say that every year. We keep getting better at it. Let me show you with pictures how it all went.If you came out to see us, thank you. We enjoyed the fellowship. Hope you will consider coming next year. The show in the gallery will be up until April 23.

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Gold Leaf with green undertones support the delicate asparagus as the spring up out of the ground.

Back in the Saddle at a Gallop

By Michel McNinch | April 8, 2023

Artista Vista at Stormwater Studios – Resident Artists put up their annual Spring show. Art Day (April 15 / 10-3) is sponsored by the Vista Guild and Stormwater Studios each year. “Spring Up” will debut in this show. But, you get to see it first here. I have not been able to perfect getting good photos of my paintings on metal leaf surfaces. It will be worth a look if you get to the show. It is interactive to its surroundings.

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Springing Back into the Studio

By Michel McNinch | April 1, 2023

A beautiful bouquet of homegrown asparagus was gifted to me this week and was immediately inspiration for a new painting. I got right back to the easel, and began to reflect on the beautiful shapes and colors. Asparagus is a sure sign that Spring has arrived.

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Doodling During Covid Recovery

By Michel McNinch | March 26, 2023

Y’all. Covid fatigue is real! I have had some puny days this week. Sleep and more sleep. I didn’t want to work on anything that I could mess up, so I doodled when I got a burst of energy. Didn’t want to miss a week, so thought I would show them to you. Playful. Like I did as a kid.

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Portrait Progress

By Michel McNinch | March 18, 2023

Thank you for all the notes, email, texts of kindness and get well wishes. The good news is that Robert and I are starting to feel better. The bad news is – we are still testing positive for COVID-19. Resting and painting. I can do that. Robert is resting and exploring the universe at the same time. I hear galactic laser sounds coming from his office while the cats keep him warm in his recliner.

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"Say What?," pastel, 16x20, These two students were kind enough to listen to me every now and then. Mike is a music mogul now; wish I knew where Ronnie got to.

More from Before

By Michel McNinch | March 10, 2023

More from Before. Let me show you a few paintings of my students from my Alternative Academy years. Click any image to have a closer look.

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Soothing my Distraction

By Michel McNinch | March 4, 2023

I have been distracted by the Murdaugh murders. A sketchbook and a few supplies have been my companions while watching the trial. While being riveted to the trial, I needed to hold on to a thread of love. So, I drew and painted my cats – past and present. It was a touchstone to pure, fresh, and beautiful love while listening to the gruesome and spellbinding evidence. My cats have been a source of great love and comfort.

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The vibrant colors are a perfect reflection of their vibrant personalities. Teal and Fuchsia are perfect! Portraits - progress and preparation

Portraits – Progress and Preparation

By Michel McNinch | February 25, 2023

Happy to say the preliminary drawings have been completed for the two portraits. Here’s the Kingly Court I have been telling you about. All smiles. I am looking forward to working on these images and sharing them with you. Thanks for sticking around and seeing how it progresses.

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"Tracy in a Great Light," pastel by Michel McNinch

Portraits – Past and Present

By Michel McNinch | February 18, 2023

It has been so long ago that some of you may not know that I spent a decade working on nothing but portraits. Weird to even for me to “look back,” because it seems like a long time ago now. While I am working on my new portrait project, I thought you might like to join me looking down memory lane.

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