PHOTOS – Givhans Ferry Jan 28-31, 2018 – Painting Retreat

Oct 30, 2017

Am hoping you can help by sending photos of the moon, the neon light necklaces, pouring the paint, the paintings, all of which I missed –  just anything that will help our recollection of a retreat to remember!

 If you would like to use some for your blog/website, please let me know.  I will send you a large file for you to use. 

My sincere thanks to all involved.

To see the flyer for this retreat, please click

Givhans Ferry Jan 28-31, 2018 – Painting Retreat

Plein Air Painting / Givhan’s Ferry State Park

Click on Images to Enlarge the Fun!  : )

Great Group of Artists.  Big smiles.
First Day’s Skill Builder Lessons
Covered ways to use Elements and Principles

Barbara shared a great Value and Notan Lesson
Look Who is Painting with us! FUN!

Riverfront Hall is BEAUTIFUL!  Complete with a riverside porch for sketching!
View from the Porch
Carolina Winter Day
Love the subtle colors
Us and Bobby McGee
Our Fire Chief (Bravo)

Wandering Wonder

Marvelous Mary Smile

Tammy Wolfe and Jimmy played

Tammy fireside

Night Life

Singing encouraged by example (yikes!)

 Robert is the Fire King
Take it Easy

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

The View

The Chill

Look and Listen
When the moon hits your eye in a deep southern sky
Braving the Elements

Becky of the Woods
Can you find Becky?

April’s Smile

Getting it Done!

The Story Teller

Huddled and Bundled
Mary’s Teal Tale

Aunt Mary
Bundling Beyond Shame!  COLD

Phyllis Shining

Plein Air Painting Formal

Chillin’ in the Park

He got a little rest.  
We Saved a Seat For You

Find your Way to

Check out our Schedule
Group Critique / Final Day 

Our Plein Air Retreat is getting close now!  I can hardly wait.  Just booked some musicians for around the fire in the evening!  Riverfront Hall has been reserved for the entirety of our stay in case of inclement weather.

Attached is the Schedule of Events that I sent to you in November for your easy reference.  This email will confirm your reservation in this retreat.  I will send you an email with your remaining balance, which we will collect at the park.

There is a change in schedule:  Rick Robertson, Manager, plans to speak with us at the Riverfront Hall at 2pm – not 5pm on Jan 28.  So, we get started just a little earlier.  Check in is still at 4pm.

Supply list


Drawing implements of your choice
(i.e. pencils, pens, pastels, ink, etc.)

Medium of your choice
(oils, pastels, acrylic, watercolor)
If you are not sure, call me SOON

Plein Air Materials include:

Travel easel
TV tray
Folding Chair
Cell phone / charger
Small knife
Bottled water

Also, your cabin has a full kitchen.
Bring your food!   : )

There are two evenings we will go out together.  (Pizza and Fish Camp)

Please let me know that you have received this email.  Thanks.


p.s.  Becky – I know you sent me your cousin’s info, but I cannot find it.  🙁  Please forward this information to her.  Thanks.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Michel McNinch <[email protected]>
Subject: Givhans Ferry State Park Painting Retreat January 28-31, 2018
Date: November 12, 2017 at 7:52:32 AM EST

Hello all!

Before the holidays get rolling, I thought it might be good to send you some of the specifics for our paint out at Givhan’s Ferry State Park on January 28-31.  Getting all the lessons prepared.   Getting excited to share them with you.


There are eight of us going.  Good small group.  The lessons are geared for beginners.  Supply list is being compiled now.  Trying to keep it to a minimum.  Check the flyer attached for a list of suggested supplies for outdoor painting.

Bring your food.  There is a full kitchen in your cabin. 


January 28

2pm / Meet at Riverfront Hall to hear the Park Manager, Rick Robertson.

4pm Check into your Cabin.  (You will receive confirmation details in January)

5pm Gather at Riverfront Hall to meet everyone and get started!  

Rick Robertson is the manager of the park.  
He will meet us at the Riverfront Hall to introduce us to the park and tell us his special connection to it.  Here’s a video showing a little about the park.

7pm   Dinner on your own.  Settle into our new space.

8pm   Campfire / Sketchbook Vespers

January 29 AND January 30

8-10am  Coffee Critique  (w/ fruit and pastries)

10am-1pm Skill Builders


1pm-4pm Plein Air Painting

5pm Group Critique – McNinch Cabin

? Dinner – Group concensus

7-9:30 Campfire / Sketchbook Vespers

January 31

10am Check Out

11am-1:30 Group Paint in Riverfront Hall
Final Critiques

Please send any questions that come to mind.  I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Becky, please send this to your cousin.  Also, would you send me her name and email.  It will be added to this email group.

803-360-2994 Facebook

Hi Everyone – 

This is to confirm our big Painting Retreat at Givhan’s Ferry State Park.  We will arrive at Jan 28 / 2:00pm at the Riverfront Hall to hear Rick Robertson speak about the park and his special connection to it.  We will then have a little fun with some paint (so wear painting clothes!  

Last minute details:  

Pillows and Blankets might be a good idea.  It might get cold!  
We have the Riverfront Hall reserved in case of inclement weather.
Don’t forget your chargers.  Cabin has wifi.
Leave your art supplies in the car.  We have many choices of where to paint.

Campfire and Live Acoustic Guitars:  Jan 29 / 6-9pm  – All Park Rangers are invited.

Link to the Flyer with active links:’sFerryFlyer.pdf

Link to a blog page with past emails and schedule & information:

A word about safety….

Buddy up for safety.  Wander all you want, but please let us know where you will be.  Would everyone please have your phone with you during the day?

Please provide an Emergency Contact name and number.  Just email it to me, and I will put it in your contact.  Anne got lost in the woods once…happily painting all day.  : ) I did have to call her husband to get her new cell number.  : )

Here is some advice from the State Park Service:

“To ensure that your visit is enjoyable, please be aware of the dynamic characteristics of the natural environment.  There are areas at all state parks that could be potentially hazardous if visitors do not use extreme caution.  Visitors who are unsure about possible hazards should contact a Park Ranger.”  

This trip is intended to share with you the joy of making art in a natural setting.  Be prepared for the elements.  ; )

Can’t wait to get started.  FYI, I will be demonstrating in acrylic so that I can use the speed of drying to demonstrate composition block ins.  

Please let me know that you received this email.  I would love to answer any questions.  It helps me build a good check list.  We are planning a few more state park trips, and they are going to GREAT.

See you soon.  Michel

Becky – please send to Phyllis and please re-send me her email address.

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