Fall at Table Rock State Park

There is a little lake in front of Table Rock and a small little area to explore. It is one of the most beautiful places in the whole park. Drive across the street and look for the little paths that will bring you to the lake. Don’t forget your camera.

Table Rock State Park has it all – cooler temperatures, historic cabins (built by Roosevelt’s CCC), and of course there is the vivid show of color during Fall! It is a landscape painter’s dream to have so many opportunities to paint. Nature lovers, camping lovers, and art lovers unite at Table Rock in the fall. Please consider supporting our beautiful park system by bringing all your family and friends out for a day to enjoy what the earth has to offer. What are your favorite parks in your area?

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Santee State Park Revisited

Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, oil, 11x14 Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, a SCDNR public land near Santee State Park and was a lovely way to spend the day. The vast natural beauty in this area is healing to my spirit. To sit in such beauty and paint is the height of my joy. It so effortlessly exists without any input from us humans. ; ) #comeoutandpaint #stormwaterstudios #michelmcninch #coastalliving #naturelovers #landscapelovers #inspiration #artlovers #santee #santeestatepark #beanartist #artlovers #Donnelley WildlifeManagementArea #SCDNR #campinglife

My time at Santee State Park resulted in many paintings over the years. Let me show you some of my paintings from my first visit there. You may have seen some of these. I am hopeful you will enjoy them this time too. : ). Santee State Park is replete with these beautiful places. It seems very holy to me. I don’t really have words to explain, but my spirit seems to connect with these places in a way nothing else does. That is why this is what I paint.

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The Ocean and the Lake

Litchfield Beach, oil, 6x8 This little spot in the world gives spectacular color. I always get inspired to paint there.

What is not to love about the inspiration of the ocean and lake for the landscape painter? Work on my SC State Parks series brought out these paintings that were waiting patiently for their last licks of the brush.  I enjoyed a pleasant day in my studio with the door open and the breeze blowing while I had my last session on these paintings.

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Paintings from SC State Parks

At Santee State Park, there are cabins on the piers. This is the view just as the sun sinks into the water. The smell of the brackish water comes to mind and the squawks of the shorebirds settling in for the night. I wanted to paint the “end of day” drama.

Four paintings in the State Park series were completed this week. Hope you enjoy these new images. Do you have any favorite state parks? These paintings will be part of a social media campaign in the next few weeks. When you see them in your feed, please share them. It would mean so much to me. Many thanks to those of you who already share my work. Thank you for supporting the arts on the individual artist level. We could not do it without your help.

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Getting the Paint to Tell the Story

Getting the paint to tell the story – round two.  The natural beauty of the sun coming up or going down always feels full of majesty.   At sunset the light rakes across the surface of the earth for a few more minutes teasing tomorrow with the most brilliant colors.  It will be back as promised calling you into today soon enough.  Here is a series of paintings of my many trips to Huntington Beach State Park – with an extra one as a hint of things to come with a Santee State Park series.

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Blocking In Landscapes – my new paintings

Oh, how I love to start a new painting. Favorite thing to do. I have a million ideas. How many will I have time for? Only one way to find out. I am blocking in new landscapes this week. I have heard that you like to see the process. It’s not always pretty, but it is always fun! So, here ya go.

My new paintings are just getting started – The images are from time I spent at Huntington Beach State Park.

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Roses ready to share

"Homegrown Roses," 11x14, oil, $450, original painting of pink roses grown by the painter's husband. Michel McNInch, artist.

Mama always said I’d be an artist, but she didn’t tell me there were gonna be days like this. Self-imposed deadlines are the worst, but they get the job done. I wanted to be able to share one of the rose bouquet paintings with you today. They are all almost completed; here is the first in the series. Robert grew these roses, and they were spectacular. So glad I took the opportunity to paint them. I love this classic color combination.

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Plein Air Pleasure

Painting “en plein air” is such a pleasure. I carry a studio bag with me at all times. At anytime and anywhere painting can commence! My current sketchbook has just been completed. Time to put a new sketchbook in the bag and share some of my favorites with you.

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I Missed You Last Week

As this applies to my painting practice, it has changed my direction. I have been working (albeit slowly) on my flower paintings. I’m going to turn them to the wall for now and start something new. I don’t want to tell you about it yet, because I am preserving my energy and thoughts about it. As soon as it is underway, I will share it with you.

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Time Flies if You are Having Fun!

"Lake Wateree Oasis," 18x24, oil

Time has flown by this week. The Lake Wateree painting is completed and headed to the framer. My classes have paused for the summer; we finished up this week. And today – May 28, 2023 – Robert and I have been married for 40 years! We are celebrating by doing what we have always done – anything we want! : ) It is quite the indulgence. Here’s a look into the studio this week.

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A Painting Studio in Springtime

Everything in my studio is reflecting this beautiful Spring. I have begun laying in the colors in my Lake Wateree landscape. My favorite paints were involved. Also, with all the beautiful Spring bouquets, it was time for a class demonstration on how to paint a glass vase filled with stems and water. Don’t forget to check in on Frida and Charlie – Spring has been exciting for them too!

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