Archived: Works in Series

"Spring Up," 12x12, oil on gold leaf. Original painting by Michel McNinch of Columbia, South Carolina.

“Spring Up”

Oil on gold leaf, 12×12, $400

Causeway Morning Memories, oil, 6x8 - $295 In the golden hour before everything stirs, there is color and light and quiet. Three of my favorite things. Huntington Beach SP has a beautiful causeway with a walk on each side. Watch for the alligators crossing. I’m not kidding!

Causeway Morning Memories, Huntington Beach State Park Collection

6×8, oil,  $295

Creature Comfort

12×12 oil on gold leaf cradled panel

Eastern Screech Owl, aka Ruby, oil on gold leaf with green, 4x6, original painting by Michel McNinch

Eastern Screech Owl, aka Ruby

Oil on gold leaf with green, 4×6, $250

Luna Moth on Copper Leaf

12×12 oil on copper leaf