Archived: Still Life

This beautiful bouquet came from our new pollinator garden at Stormwater Studios.  Karen Murphy is our designer, and these flowers are the fruits of her labor.  In addition to being a master naturalist, she is also my student and my friend.  The bouquet was so varied and vibrant.  It was the first bouquet from this beautiful new garden.  All this made it very fun to paint.  #pollinatorgarden #karenmurphy #paintflorals #stormwaterstudios

“The Fruits of Her Labor”

“The Fruits of Her Labor,” 9×12, oil

Baby Bunnies

Oil on Metal Leaf 16×16


Oil on Metal Leaf 12×12

Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle

Oil on Metal Leaf 36×12

Eye to Eye

Oil on Gold Leaf, 12×12, $395

Hasell Street Charleston SC


Honey Bee

Oil on Metal Leaf-12×12

Honey Bee

Oil on Metal Leaf-12×12

Honey Bee

Oil on Metal Leaf 12×12

Humble Bumble

Oil on Metal Leaf-12×12

Looking for Peter

Oil on Metal Leaf-18×18

Luna Lovely

Oil on Copper Leaf 12×12

Luna Lovely 2

Oil Copper Leaf 18×18

Raw Bar


Rosie’s First Blush


Some Bunny

Oil Gold Leaf 12×12