Archived: Birds

“Rosie’s First Blush”

Oil, 24×36

At My Chamber Door

Oil on silver leaf, 18×18, $450

Eastern Screech Owl, aka Ruby, oil on gold leaf with green, 4x6, original painting by Michel McNinch

Eastern Screech Owl, aka Ruby

Oil on gold leaf with green, 4×6, $250

Garden Guest

12×12 Oil on gold metal leaf

Lift Off

Oil on silver leaf, 18×18, $450

Peaceful Slumber

Oil on copper leaf 18×18

Peacock Pretty Bird


Prothonotary Warbler

Oil 8×10



Talking Turkey


Uncle Salty Pelican


Wading for Breakfast, 6x8, oil, $295 The birds have sanctuary in the estuary at Huntington Beach SP (5 Xs fast). There are always many flocks of shore birds posing for park visitors. They wade around at feeding times in the morning and the evening.

Wading for Breakfast, Huntington Beach State Park Collection

6×8, oil, $295