Michel McNinch

A New Puzzle for You

By Michel McNinch | November 27, 2022

A New Puzzle for You. Hope you are enjoying a little down time.

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Vista Lights Highlights

By Michel McNinch | November 20, 2022

Our annual gallery crawl came with our 1st annual tree lighting, drummers, a chorus and some really fine art. Here are a few highlights from this year’s Vista Lights celebration! It was great to see everyone having a good time.

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By Michel McNinch | November 12, 2022

Since losing my FaceBook and Instagram social media accounts, I have had a lot of questions. Will the hacker hurt my reputation and/or business? How much time do I have to spend on “the fix?” Will I try to punish those who are responsible? How shall I move on? What platforms are in alignment with how I share my art? How do they treat their customers / investors? So far, I don’t have any answers. How do you get in alignment?

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I’m Still Standing – and Painting!

By Michel McNinch | November 4, 2022

I’m still standing and painting.  I was hacked on Facebook and permanently banned from their platforms, which includes Instagram. I have discovered that this is a nationwide problem.  Facebook will not respond to me or anyone else.  If you see questionable material on my pages, IT IS NOT ME.

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Painting the Beach

By Michel McNinch | October 29, 2022

Headed to Litchfield Beach to paint with the Ladies of the Traveling Paints!  We immerse ourselves in the act of painting.  Outside during the day and round the table at night.  Fun, fun, fun!  Will make sure to show you what we did next week. For this week’s blog, I have posted some of my favorite beach paintings from over the years.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Why does art matter to me?

By Michel McNinch | October 22, 2022

From my very earliest days, I have been an artist, a mark maker, an observer, and most importantly – I share what I find. An artist communicates. Through film, dance, music, painting, sculpture, speech, etc. an artist can reflect the times in which they live. To that end, I am learning to use modern technology to communicate with my audience. I find myself surprised that I am enjoying the process. This blog has been very fun to use as a way of communication, and thank you very much for joining me. I am also learning to use video to communicate.

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Metal Leaf Mania

By Michel McNinch | October 16, 2022

Good afternoon! Is it still Sunday? This is coming to you a little late, because Robert and I tried to learn how to do a video for you. It was easier than I thought to make it. Here are the results!

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Michel McNinch paints on metal leaf

Big Blue and Something New

By Michel McNinch | October 8, 2022

The weather has been beautiful, and I have been painting.I have been painting animals on metal leaf for a couple of years now.  I knew that a landscape would look great on this surface as well. These paintings are almost interactive.  There are subtle changes that reflect their environment.  Where they are placed and what light they receive give the paintings to chance to glow.  

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Artist Interrupted

By Michel McNinch | October 1, 2022

Hurricane Ian has interrupted my painting practice. I have painted some, but will wait to share at a more appropriate time. The beautiful Southeastern coast and its people are hurting.

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The Beauty of Fall is Coming

By Michel McNinch | September 24, 2022

Maybe not quick enough for some, but the beauty of Fall is coming. The colors have already been showing up on my palette. I have begun some studies full of fall colors. I am eager to show them to you.

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Plein Air Painting with a Cloudy Forecast

By Michel McNinch | September 17, 2022

Painting a glorious sky is a sublime pleasure. The possibilities are endless and so are the colors. Preparations are being made for a Plein Air painting workshop on clouds at the end of October.

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Moving Right Along

By Michel McNinch | September 10, 2022

Big Blue is moving right along. I am sneaking up on the close. All the shapes are in the correct place. Now, I am making connections between each shape.

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