Michel McNinch

Old Friends and New Ideas

By Michel McNinch | February 10, 2023

Old Friends and New Ideas. It is time to dust off some old friends and get them moving again! Pastels were my medium of choice for many years. I missed them! Pastels are almost pure pigment. Scraped across a beautiful piece of cotton paper, they can leave strong, beautiful marks. They can also be as soft and delicate as a butterfly’s wing.

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Camille Pissarro is an inspiration

By Michel McNinch | February 2, 2023

Camille Pissarro is an inspiration. A French Impressionist who helped change painting forever. Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet organized the first Impressionist Exhibition (A complete history of the 8 Impressionist Exhibits). Pissarro was the only artist to be in all eight. In his work you can see change of seasons, change of atmosphere, and his life long love affair with how light affects color.

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A Few More from the Road

By Michel McNinch | January 29, 2023

Trees to and from Stockbridge were so very beautiful. I painted two when I got home. Finished just this morning. Ironic that today is very much overcast and wet like it was there, just considerably warmer. I am grateful! This will be the final chapter in this trip to the Berkshires, but am planning another trip in the fall.

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Old Growth Trees in Winter

By Michel McNinch | January 21, 2023

Surrounded by the winter landscape, I was drawn to the old growth trees. Looking at them without their leaves gives insight into their shape, color, and texture. Evidence of good times and bad as they continue to grow.

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The Berkshire Theatre Group

By Michel McNinch | January 14, 2023

My first time in New England was a hit! Visiting treasured family, monumental theaters, and a new landscape for me to explore. I am completely inspired.

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Mount Jackson on a Cloudy Day

Paintings from the Road

By Michel McNinch | January 6, 2023

Don’t you love a road trip? Everything was new to us; absolutely exciting. Connecting with a new landscape on the road. I carry a mobile studio and paint every chance I get – when I am not knitting socks.

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Happy New Year!

By Michel McNinch | December 31, 2022

Hope this note finds you celebrating the new year ahead! Thank you so very much for your support in 2022.

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Season’s Greetings!

By Michel McNinch | December 24, 2022

Hope you and your loved ones are sharing joy and laughter this season. I look forward to sharing stories when I see you again.

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Small gift with large gold satin bow

Just What You Always Wanted

By Michel McNinch | December 17, 2022

A while back I painted a series of gifts. As the series progressed, the gifts became symbolic to me. I chose one of the paintings from the series to keep for myself. This painting, “Just What You Always Wanted,” is symbolic of my life as an artist.

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Coming to an End

By Michel McNinch | December 11, 2022

Endings are nothing more than beginnings out of focus. I look forward to every December for lots of reasons. One of the most important things to do in December is take a look back. Then, decide where to go in the year to come. Do you do something similar? I just love to have a fresh new year to think about and plan for.

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Christmas Cats

By Michel McNinch | December 4, 2022

With Christmas on my mind, I am enjoying painting these two little cats for an upcoming gift. Animals lend themselves to all type of colors, shapes, and attitudes! : ) Hoping your holiday planning is fun this year.

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A New Puzzle for You

By Michel McNinch | November 27, 2022

A New Puzzle for You. Hope you are enjoying a little down time.

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