Charity Work

Jan 13, 2008
Artists receive many, many request to donate their work for charity. The two organizations I have chosen for donation this year are the Columbia Museum of Art and the S. C. Philharmonic.
The Columbia Museum of Art gave each of their artists a canvas bag with which to create a work of art for auction. There were no limitations or suggestions. The bag did have a logo and date of their 10th anniversary event, which has an Egyptian theme. Here’s my “cartouche” entitled “Offering Art to Ra.” I adhered the canvas on a wooden armature and layered it with modeling paste and paint in order to create a hieroglyphic look. I used the logo, etc. on the bag for the back of the cartouche.


Front, side view


The S. C. Philharmonic give their artists a violin to use to create a piece of art for auction. We are instructed to use the violin in any way we choose. So, here is mine in the middle of being created. I will show it to you when it has been completed. I decided to do a mosaic using stained glass.

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