marsh landscape

Dusk on Mt. Pleasant, SC

Dusk on Mt. Pleasant, SC I and II oil, 8×10 I saw these two landscapes when my sister moved to her new house. This is just down the road from her. I keep watching that spot, but nothing has been as pretty as the first time I saw it. Funny how it works like that!

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“Brilliant Marsh” Oil on Canvas, 16×20 You may recognize this image. I had thought it was finished until I saw it on the blog. At the reduced size, I saw a problem with the shape of the marsh grass in the front. Once I got the brush going again, it was an easy fix with…

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Happy New Year!

Brilliant Marsh 16×20 Oil on Canvas Here’s what’s been on my easel through the holidays. Painted on it a bit at a time. I also have two big ones in the works. Will show you those soon.

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