Roses ready to share

"Homegrown Roses," 11x14, oil, $450, original painting of pink roses grown by the painter's husband. Michel McNInch, artist.

Mama always said I’d be an artist, but she didn’t tell me there were gonna be days like this. Self-imposed deadlines are the worst, but they get the job done. I wanted to be able to share one of the rose bouquet paintings with you today. They are all almost completed; here is the first in the series. Robert grew these roses, and they were spectacular. So glad I took the opportunity to paint them. I love this classic color combination.

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Plein Air Pleasure

Painting “en plein air” is such a pleasure. I carry a studio bag with me at all times. At anytime and anywhere painting can commence! My current sketchbook has just been completed. Time to put a new sketchbook in the bag and share some of my favorites with you.

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Time Flies if You are Having Fun!

"Lake Wateree Oasis," 18x24, oil

Time has flown by this week. The Lake Wateree painting is completed and headed to the framer. My classes have paused for the summer; we finished up this week. And today – May 28, 2023 – Robert and I have been married for 40 years! We are celebrating by doing what we have always done – anything we want! : ) It is quite the indulgence. Here’s a look into the studio this week.

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A Painting Studio in Springtime

Everything in my studio is reflecting this beautiful Spring. I have begun laying in the colors in my Lake Wateree landscape. My favorite paints were involved. Also, with all the beautiful Spring bouquets, it was time for a class demonstration on how to paint a glass vase filled with stems and water. Don’t forget to check in on Frida and Charlie – Spring has been exciting for them too!

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Camille Pissarro is an inspiration

Camille Pissarro is an inspiration. A French Impressionist who helped change painting forever. Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet organized the first Impressionist Exhibition (A complete history of the 8 Impressionist Exhibits). Pissarro was the only artist to be in all eight. In his work you can see change of seasons, change of atmosphere, and his life long love affair with how light affects color.

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A Few More from the Road

Trees to and from Stockbridge were so very beautiful. I painted two when I got home. Finished just this morning. Ironic that today is very much overcast and wet like it was there, just considerably warmer. I am grateful! This will be the final chapter in this trip to the Berkshires, but am planning another trip in the fall.

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Old Growth Trees in Winter

Surrounded by the winter landscape, I was drawn to the old growth trees. Looking at them without their leaves gives insight into their shape, color, and texture. Evidence of good times and bad as they continue to grow.

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Paintings from the Road

Mount Jackson on a Cloudy Day

Don’t you love a road trip? Everything was new to us; absolutely exciting. Connecting with a new landscape on the road. I carry a mobile studio and paint every chance I get – when I am not knitting socks.

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Since losing my FaceBook and Instagram social media accounts, I have had a lot of questions. Will the hacker hurt my reputation and/or business? How much time do I have to spend on “the fix?” Will I try to punish those who are responsible? How shall I move on? What platforms are in alignment with how I share my art? How do they treat their customers / investors? So far, I don’t have any answers. How do you get in alignment?

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