Orange today

Orange 1Oil on Board, 5×7Click the link to bid – starts at $49.99 Such pretty color. I couldn’t pass it up. It was a great day to paint. Got alot done. Also mailed out 4 paintings from Ebay purchases! Yippee. Thanks all.

Cindy’s Place

Cindy’s Place5×7 Oil on Board Here’s a new one. The marsh lands of South Carolina’s lowcountry are a very special subject matter for me. It is where I feel most connected with my family. We are from Sullivan’s Island and Charleston SC since 1819. Family time was often spent on the “back beach” – or…

Coming Back Around

Getting back into the groove. Here’s one for today. Still working on some bigger projects that I will post later.

Homegrown Pear

(Click on pictures to enlarge)“Homegrown Pear” appr. 5×5Oil on Board $90Contact [email protected] My friend grew this pear. It was a great “daily” painting subject.

Colorful Evening

(Click on pictures to enlarge) “Colorful Evening” 5×7 Oil on Board $99 Contact artist [email protected] Well, still trying to keep up. Painted all day on large painting. Then, around 4:00 pm, I painted a small painting for this blog. It was fun. Slapping around the paint helped loosen me up after a day of painting…


Got a another daily painting today – after a long session on a bigger painting. Will post the bigger one when it gets a little further along.

Lots to Do

But no small paintings for days! Got some panels and a light box ready though. Also took some time to give a very important art lesson. This is my nephew Bobby who was having a summertime visit.

Late Night with Inky

“Inky 1”5×7, Oil on Board $99Contact artist [email protected] This is Inky a/k/a Pretty Boy. He’s a little on the strange side, but that’s why I love him. Painting a small painting everyday and still keeping up with my regular workload of larger pieces is going to be a challenge. I waited too late to get…

Garden Visitor

“Garden Visitor”5×7, Oil on Board$99 Contact artist at [email protected] This little fellow was in my tomato bushes this morning. He was just so strangely beautiful that he was instantly the subject matter for the painting of the day. I have no clue what type of animal he is or will be. Anybody out there know?…