Beach Buddies – the last two – for now

Sep 19, 2007
“Beach Lessons”
Oil on Gessoed Board, 6×8

“Look Daddy”, 6×8
Oil on gessoed board
Okay, I’m tired now. Have been painting non stop for a month. All paintings for the Atalaya Show are completed, and most are already framed. Will take a short break, then begin painting for my November show. Good thing I love to paint!!
The second painting posted here is “untitled.” Can you help? I cannot put my finger on it. Something about her yearning to be in the sea – and the father keeping her safe from it. Who kept you safe at the sea when you were small? For me it was “Papa.” We had so much fun in the waves. They would be bearing down on us, and just has they got there he would lift me “high in the sky” to avoid the crash. Exhilerating. I love how this simple little picture can take me there.
Thanks for all the suggestions! Lots of good ones. Then…which one to choose. “Look Daddy” seemed to fit.
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