80808 on 80808

Aug 5, 2008
David Yaghjian has his party hat ready!
See his work behind him??

Once in a millennium: PARTY like it’s 8.08.08!
80808 on 80808
Gallery80808/Vista Studios
DATE: Friday August 8
TIME: 8:08 AM to 8:08 PM
LOCATION: 808 Lady Street

ART RECEPTION: 5:08 – 8:08Featuring:Columbia City Jazz at 4:08Poetry by Ed Madden at 5:08Tuba IV at 6:08Guitar & harmonica by Michael Hart at 7:08

Art by Bob Allison, Anne Bjork, Tyler Anne Blanton, Ethel Brody, Pat Callahan, Stephen Chesley, Heidi Darr-Hope, Charlie Dillingham, Jeff Donovan, Pat Gilmartin, Jeanette Grassi, Tonya Gregg, Christiana James, Robert Kennedy, Susan Lenz, Sharon Licata, Michel McNinch, Richard Morgan, Gene Speer, Laura Spong, Christian Thee, Brent Wahl, Mike Williams, David Yaghjian, and Don Zurlo

Gallery80808/Vista Studios
808 Lady Street in Columbia, South Carolina 29201 (803) 252-6134For more information: VISIT OUR BLOG!

Gallery80808/Vista Studios 808 Lady Street Columbia SC 29201

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