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Here it is…

“November Marsh” Oil, 24×36 Click image to enlarge I have completed “November Marsh.” I loved working with this color palette. The landscape itself came from a photo my nephew, Bobby, took when we were at Palmetto Park on Mt. Pleasant, SC for his mother’s birthday. Way to go Bobby!

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Sometime I Wonder….

Sometime I wonder where my paintings have gone and what kind of surroundings they enjoy. With these three paintings I don’t have to wonder! My friend Judy has some of my best paintings and they are definitely enjoying their surroundings!

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Catching Up

I have been having a great beginning to the new year in my Studio – Here’s an image of what I am working on. Also, below are details of the paintings you see above. I will show you the whole thing when I am finished. It shouldn’t be too long now. I have been in…

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