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Me and My Shadow

“Me and My Shadow”Commission for Laura Schwabel I had great fun painting this memory for Laura. This is a painting her sister and her in their annual Summer attire: bikinis and keds. It’s a Christmas gift for her Mom…….ssh.

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Carolina Moon

“Carolina Moon” Oil, 24×36 Here’s my latest large painting. My Aunt and I went riding around at dusk, and this moon just begged to be a painting! It was a challenge to get the light just right to create the atmosphere of dusk with a moon rising.

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Juicy Fruit? You be the judge!

“Homegrown” Oil, 6×6 Well, is a tomato a fruit? I don’t dice them into my fruit salad…. What I know is that you can’t beat homegrown! Here are my last ones of the summer. Happy Fall everyone.

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