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Michel McNinch

My mother always said I'd be an artist. I struggled as a 20 something trying to make a living instead. When she died in 1992, I decided to live a better life. I took some art classes, sold some paintings, and quit my job. I confided in a friend, "I hope I make it." He said with a grin, "You will, you have to!" He was right. It's been a great decision.



I love to paint. There is a satisfaction in reflecting what is seen onto canvas. Canvas, paint, and subject matter. That's all I need for the perfect day.

Teaching others to paint is also a favorite pursuit. I am dedicated to sharing the pleasure of making art. I have a successful history teaching art to all age groups. My lessons are taught with the principle that everyone can learn to communicate through painting.

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Info Blog

On my blog, I record the day to day of being an artist... new work, show dates, and class schedule.

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Where to See my Work

You can find my work at these business locations.

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